• How do you plan to accomplish concealed carry for everyone?
    Title 18 USC Sect. 926B Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (also referred to as HR218), is a Federal law that exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers from local and State prohibitions on the carrying of a concealed firearm.

    Essentially it uses the commerce clause as a way of exempting individuals who meet a minimal set of requirements from being prohibited from a concealed weapon anywhere in the U.S. This is a Federal law that exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers from local and State prohibitions on the carrying of concealed firearms.
  • HOLY CRAP... Is what your proposing even legal?!?!
    Yes. HR 218 is federal law. We are only looking to use current law to the advantage of all law abiding citizens.
  • Doesn't this just create a bunch of wannabe cops?
    The way the current legislation is being proposed, the position of auxiliary deputy would not have a badge, but only a photo ID and provide extremely limited powers of arrest and law enforcement.
  • How is this not corruption?
    This is legitimate employment of individuals by the state of montana. There is no personal profit to be made, no discretionary issuance, no arbitrary denial.  The state can employ whomever it wishes.
  • How much will this cost me?
    While we don't have any definite numbers, we are trying for an application fee of $500 for a 2 year position or $1000 for a 5 year position. And of course for your services you will earn a whopping $1 annual salary.
  • Are there any issues with having to provide benefits to these state employees?
    Because of the special and limited nature of their duties along with the lack of mandatory tasks, officers hired under this program are exempted from all state benefit programs, retirement programs, and collective bargaining arrangements.
  • Won't this put police officers put of work?
    Absolutely not! The State of Montana will be prohibited from using any of these auxiliary reserve deputy officers to replace any full time or part time regular law enforcement personnel. They do not fulfill the same roles as existing law enforcement in the state and would not be eligible for full time or part time independent duties.
  • Will ARD officers be allowed to carry on campuses?
    The official answer is "Maybe". There is some work to be done to clarify this. In some cases, you would be exempted from the school gun prohibition (iirc) but your school may have a policy which does not allow for students even off duty Leo students to carry... And you might be expelled.
  • Do they get a badge?
    No, ARD officers would be provided with the minimum photo id required by the LEOSA.
  • Do I get to arrest people?
    For the most part no, you are empowered with statutory powers of arrest in only extremely limited circumstances... If you are being supervised by a full time police officer while in the state of Montana, and are instructed to arrest an individual, you may do so. if you observe a gross violation of constitutionally enumerated 2nd amendment rights while on Montana soil then you may arrest the perpetrator. WEBMASTER EDIT: Personally I think you'd be crazy to want to do this anyway! It just opens a whole different can of worms that nobody I know of would want to be the test case for. Even reserve level 3 officers have to call the police to do an arrest when they are on duty.
  • Will this get me out of speeding tickets?
    Absolutely not! Any abuse/misuse of credentials to obtain special treatment or favors is grounds for immediate termination of employment and revocation of credentials. This is NOT a 'brass pass'! WEBMASTER EDIT: If you really need to ask this question, then this is not the website for you!
  • What firearms can I carry using these credentials?
    Pretty much anything you want, assault weapons, properly taxed sbr/abs/aow, rifles, shotguns, high capacity magazines, anything purchased through interstate commerce for which proper tax had been paid.... With the specific exemption of machine guns and silencers.
  • I can't buy the gun I want to carry where I live (NYC, California, Washington DC, Chicago etc.) can I buy it in Montana and bring it back to my home state?
    YES! Part of our intended legislation is to alter the laws so that Montana recognizes any us citizen who stands on Montana territory as a temporary resident for the purposes of title 18 section 921 and 922.... This enables anyone who is not prohibited from owning firearms in Montana to buy whatever they want and to bring it back to their state of permanent residence.
  • Are there other states besides Montana that have considered similar legislation?
    In our search for a way to accomplish our end goal, we have approached several states with a handful of different kinds of scenarios. At the beginning there was even discussion of how this could be done in California of all places! There was some talk of things looking good in Alaska. There are parts of our proposed legislation that may come up for consideration in Nevada. We feel however that Montana, geographically and politically is the best place to spearhead this movement at the time being.
  • But won't there be blood on the street? Mass chaos, utter confusion, a spike in violent crime and mayham?
    NO, we are not proposing that we hand out firearms to convicted felons and criminals, we are simply elevating the law abiding citizen to where he/she can enjoy the same legal status and rights that off duty and retired law enforcement already enjoy. Effectively ending the capricious and arbitrary discrimination which has created a class system within our society.